Visualization of accesslogs through MySQL in Kibana/Elasticsearch

Long title for a complex topic. Target of this post is to show only a cut-through for an interesting scenario. Imagine an environment with several Tomcat instances. Those Tomcats are logging currently their catalina- and access-logs to file from where they are collected and shipped with a shell script to a central logserver, where they […]

Micro-Service with embedded Tomcat

Micro-services are one of the new big cool things in Java Enterprise environments. Since there are a lot of operators out there who spent half of their carrers with learning how to get along with huge Websphere-, JBoss- or Weblogic-application-server-installations, companies decide to use and re-use their already paid infrastructure-licenses and the existing know-how. But […]

Deploy war-file with maven to remote (standalone) tomcat

Let’s assume you write classes, code or JSP-scripts for a java-project which should be deployed into an application server like Tomcat from ASF. Setting up a maven webapp-project in eclipse is meanwhile nothing more then 5 clicks, a bit of fantasy with the artifactId and that’s it… thanks to predefined archetypes. Now the devteam is […]