Execute Jenkins Maven builds in Docker containers

When building software packages the build process itself might change some details in the underlying operating system or environment. This might also affect the next build as the environment is kind of „poluted“. So the best option would be to run the builds in an unchangeable environment or better: to run the different builds each […]

Rollback to specific revision in SVN

Go to your working copy and open a shell with following command: This will merge the content of the url from the specified revision to your working copy and afterwards you can commit. Please note the „-“ before the revision number! e.g.: You are on revision 100 (HEAD) and want to go back to revision […]

svnkit-checkout with legacy working-copy format

Since sometimes there is a need for checking out sources with old (pre 1.7) SVN-working-copy-format, svnkit (from version 1.7 up) can be used with a special system-property: When using the commandline-client, you have to export it to the JAVA_OPTS. One of the main-differences between the new 1.7-working-copy-format and the legacy one (untill 1.6) is the […]