show all javac-compile-errors with maven (maxerrs)

For the java-compiler javac, Sun (or now the guys from Oracle) have provided the user with an option called To use it in your maven-build, you have to modify the default maven-compiler-plugin-configuration this way: Then maven (or better: the compiler-plugin) shows not only the first 100 errors, which is the default-behaviour, it shows up to […]

multi-project-wide maven-filtering with validation-break

Imagine, you want to provide properties-files for all your projects and enable a project-filtering with them. As an example I created a project called properties-project, that will be separately deployed to repo and will be fetched by a component-project that unpacks the properties and uses them to filter its own config-files. After filtering there comes […]

JEE-Application on geronimo created with maven

For a (nearly) complete build of an enterprise archive, I created a sample-application „MovieNator“ that contains: common, a project that holds the interfaces, utils and other stuff that are cross-used services, a project that holds all the business-logic in form of beans web, a project that holds the web-parts like servlets and jsps etc. assembly, […]

„Golden-Artifact-Pattern“ – building environment-independent artifacts

A great point for writing software is „write once, run everywhere“. But this is just half of the truth. As we all know, every environment has specific properties that influence the behaviour of our application. This might result in some small adaptations of the memory-options when running a simple desktop-app or in modifications of database-connector-pool- […]

push PHP to the Java-ecosystem: phpunit with maven

I like Java… and I also like the PHP-language which seems … more straight-forward then Java. If you just want to script some php-sites, there is no good reason for a full-equipped build-environment. But if your project gets larger, you definitely will need a professional build-tool like ant or maven, a continous-integration server like Jenkins/Hudson […]