Simple gitignore file for Maven projects

For most CVS systems like SVN, Mercurial or Git, having generated binary files committed, means taking a lot of storage without any purpose. Within Maven projects this is per definition/convention the target directory. In Git it’s quite easy to exclude this directory. Simply create a file called „.gitignore“ in your repo root with following content: […]

Invoke main classes from maven command

While development sometimes it’s quicker and easier to execute main classes directly from your shell then first navigate in your IDE, looking for the run as, setting params etc. Maven comes along with an integrated execution plugin ( This can either be used in the pom.xml or directly invoked in the shell.

Jaxb: Java-classes from business-object-model

When dealing with business-objects (simple beans without logic) as schema for your java-project, you can rely on platform independent xsd-files and (in my case Jave) the great Java Extensions for XML-binding (Jaxb). In this example I refer to the jaxb2-maven-plugin and not (!) the maven-jaxb2-plugin like in this post. To demonstrate usage of a centralized […]