Log4j and additivity

When running large applications you definitely will have a big amount of logging related code. With log4j Java developers can extremely simplify the adding of log outputs via creating a static member that gets the logger and simply put something like „logger.info(…)“ into the relevant locations of some methods. That’s where the main work of […]

Builder pattern for fluent interfaces

When looking through some modern frameworks like Apache Camel I realized a „new“ paradigma when using predefined methods for configuration of extensive object configuration. It is real Java, but it feels like writing a domain specific language (DSL). Diving deeper into this topic I got in contact with some resources on the web (see „References“) […]

Micro-Service with embedded Tomcat

Micro-services are one of the new big cool things in Java Enterprise environments. Since there are a lot of operators out there who spent half of their carrers with learning how to get along with huge Websphere-, JBoss- or Weblogic-application-server-installations, companies decide to use and re-use their already paid infrastructure-licenses and the existing know-how. But […]

Jaxb: Java-classes from business-object-model

When dealing with business-objects (simple beans without logic) as schema for your java-project, you can rely on platform independent xsd-files and (in my case Jave) the great Java Extensions for XML-binding (Jaxb). In this example I refer to the jaxb2-maven-plugin and not (!) the maven-jaxb2-plugin like in this post. To demonstrate usage of a centralized […]