Execute Jenkins Maven builds in Docker containers

When building software packages the build process itself might change some details in the underlying operating system or environment. This might also affect the next build as the environment is kind of „poluted“. So the best option would be to run the builds in an unchangeable environment or better: to run the different builds each […]

Build springboot application together with docker image

Docker is a quite nice tool for build images and running them in a docker context. As a first step I will create a springboot application with an in memory database that provides a webservice interface for simple adding, deleting and displaying user data. This application will be compiled, packaged and married with a docker […]

Jenkins plugin for publishing build data to InfluxDB

Problem: There is no official plugin from Jenkins for publishing build data to InfluxDB. Google helped a lot and pointed me to the InfluxDB plugin from jrajala: https://github.com/jrajala-eficode/jenkins-ci.influxdb-plugin. And actually, this is a quite nice plugin, but somehow it won’t work with latest release of InfluxDB 0.10.1 as there was meanwhile a new version of […]

Visualization of accesslogs through MySQL in Kibana/Elasticsearch

Long title for a complex topic. Target of this post is to show only a cut-through for an interesting scenario. Imagine an environment with several Tomcat instances. Those Tomcats are logging currently their catalina- and access-logs to file from where they are collected and shipped with a shell script to a central logserver, where they […]