Discover svn-branches and auto-create Jenkins-jobs

When working with branches, sometimes it’s really annoying to create Jenkins-jobs manually, because whenever a new branch was created by dev-teams, the devops-team is asked to create the corresponding Jenkins-job as soon as possible to enable a a working ci-infrastructure. So why don’t use Jenkins itself to look for new branches? In this post, I […]

Create Jenkins-Job with Ant and Groovy through authenticated remote API

At work, we drive a build-system based on Apache Ant and Jenkins. At the moment, we create new jobs in Jenkins by automatically putting a predefined config.xml into a new created directory and restarting Jenkins. That’s OK if we have enough time. But Jenkins offers a nice remote API, so I wrote a simple ant-target, […]

ci-eye: a cross-ci-platform-radiation-viewer

Nice idea, to have an aggregator for (often too detailed)  ci-server-views. CI-Eye can aggregate Jenkins, Hudson and Teamcity. With using this, you could put some nice 40″ displays into the developers-rooms and everybody can see the red… better green builds 🙂 A nice addon for „tool-driven-development“ and worth to have a further look: