Simple deployment from Gradle to Artifactory

The maven ecosystem works perfectly together with JFrog’s Artifactory, a wide spreaded repository manager for GAV artifacts, debian artifacts, bower, npm, ….. . Gradle, the rising competitor of Maven and Ant, fits also to the maven ecosystem but tries to stay independent by providing no native support for Maven repistories but plugins with (in my […]

Deploying artifacts from Apache Ant to JFrog’s Artifactory

In my next project, I will have to deal with a lot of modules build with Apache Ant. One of my tasks will be the integration of a modern-world-solutions for building and sharing artifacts via an enterprise repository. I prefer Artifactory from JFrog as the main-repo of a project, but the following will also work […]

connection-refused: bad? or not…

One of our developers needed a jar to be provided via artifactory… happens sometimes. To be exactly, it was eclipselink (something with jpa-persistence). So I browsed all the public repos I knew,  but didn’t find anything except big trouble with the distrib-mgmt of eclipse foundation and many many 404s while trying to access the repo […]