Overwrite ant’s fail-task

Imagine, you’re running some unit-tests in your buildscript and there is a problem with one of the tests. Of course, you want to break the build. Ant has a special task for that, the fail-task that is activated due to a given property: https://ant.apache.org/manual/Tasks/fail.html Let’s say this property is produced by your junit-task and is […]

multi-project-wide maven-filtering with validation-break

Imagine, you want to provide properties-files for all your projects and enable a project-filtering with them. As an example I created a project called properties-project, that will be separately deployed to repo and will be fetched by a component-project that unpacks the properties and uses them to filter its own config-files. After filtering there comes […]

ant-task with callback

I just felt over a stupid thing within basic ant: the return of values. In the following script I show two ways of using antcall: the corresponding properties: While calling „ant main.old“ this is the result: When calling „ant main.new“ this is the result in connection with the desired return-value:

setting debug-flag of javac

How to check, if a java-class was compiled with debug-options: Javap will show up the linenumbers and local variable tables (if present in class)… if not, you can be sure to know why your debugging-activities won’t work :-/ Here’s a small ant-script for demonstrating the setting of debug-option: