Build springboot application together with docker image

Docker is a quite nice tool for build images and running them in a docker context. As a first step I will create a springboot application with an in memory database that provides a webservice interface for simple adding, deleting and displaying user data. This application will be compiled, packaged and married with a docker image withing maven process. The dockerfile is also created within maven by filtering a dockerfile template with application properties. Weiterlesen

Visualize Jenkins build data through InfluxDB in Grafana

When coming to visualization of build data I want to rely on time series databases. The big differences between „common“ databases and time series oriented databases like InfluxDB is the specialization of last for time based data like log messages or even better: measurement data in relation to time. This can be used for temperature, air pressure, cpu usage … or build durations of our continous integration server called Jenkins. The first problem: how to get the measurement data from Jenkins to our influx instance? It’s not supported out of the box, but Jenkins is highly extendable by using plugins, so I developed my own simple-influxdb-plugin for Jenkins, that is mainly inspired from an already existing but a bit outdated plugin from jrajala. Weiterlesen