Keep your buildsystem clean: builds inside docker containers

As Build-Engineer you might know those days when dev-team „A“ comes to you with „Hey, let’s try this new fance version of SBT“ while dev-team B says „No, we really need this ant in exactly this version with that configuration and plugins“ and dev-team C mentions „Well, we have this build script in Python that was developed years ago and nobody knows really how it works“. So you start with poluting your Jenkins-instance with a lot of more or less well known build tools. Time comes and you are faced with possibly outdated tools or with tools/scripts you don’t know enough to efficiently help these guys with problems, so you need to let devs configure the build tools on your build machine. Normally this doesn’t lead to better maintainability of your sysytem…

Build-Deploy-Pipeline of a springboot app using Jenkinsfile

With Jenkins 2 the concept of pipelines became one of the core features of this great tool. In combination with job and pipeline dsl, it’s getting quite easy to code your build and deployment pipeline in Groovy instead of providing static config xmls or rigid job generators. Although some people might think, separation between build team and dev team has to be established due to responsibility concerns, actually the guys that write the application (no matter of dev, build, ops or others) should know best how to get the application through the pipeline. Weiterlesen