Build-Deploy-Pipeline of a springboot app using Jenkinsfile

With Jenkins 2 the concept of pipelines became one of the core features of this great tool. In combination with job and pipeline dsl, it’s getting quite easy to code your build and deployment pipeline in Groovy instead of providing static config xmls or rigid job generators. Although some people might think, separation between build team and dev team has to be established due to responsibility concerns, actually the guys that write the application (no matter of dev, build, ops or others) should know best how to get the application through the pipeline. Weiterlesen

Simple deployment from Gradle to Artifactory

The maven ecosystem works perfectly together with JFrog’s Artifactory, a wide spreaded repository manager for GAV artifacts, debian artifacts, bower, npm, ….. . Gradle, the rising competitor of Maven and Ant, fits also to the maven ecosystem but tries to stay independent by providing no native support for Maven repistories but plugins with (in my oppinion!) low documentation. Let’s have a look at the differences between a full fledged Artifactory integrated Maven setup and a similar Gradle setup.