issue with filename in SVN on windows vs. unix

Imagine, you are working on a unix-system and committing following files to you SVN:

christoph@unix42:/pkg/tmp# svn list http://<repo-url>/playground

When checking out there is no problem:

christoph@unix42:/pkg/tmp# svn co http://<repo-url>/playground
A    playground/Example.sth
A    playground/example.sth
Checked out revision 123456.

You see, on Unix, this is no problem, because the Unix-filesystem makes differences between capital and non-capital letters in filenames.

Now imagine, you checkout this playground-directory on your windows-machine:

First with the collabnet svn-client 1.6.23:

C:\tmp>c:\apps\collabnet-svnclient-1.6.23\svn.exe co http://<repo-url>/playground playground_1.6.23
A    playground_1.6.23\Example.sth
A    playground_1.6.23\example.sth
svn: In directory 'playground_1.6.23'
svn: Can't open file 'playground_1.6.23\.svn\tmp\text-base\example.sth.svn-base': Das System kann die angegebene Datei nicht finden.

… damn, an error without error-number.

Now with the collabnet svn-client 1.7.11:

C:\tmp>c:\apps\collabnet-svnclient-1.7.11\svn.exe co http://<repo-url>/playground playground_1.7.11
A    playground_1.7.11\Example.sth
A    playground_1.7.11\example.sth
Checked out revision 123456.

Seems ok, but what did he really checked out?

 Datenträger in Laufwerk C: ist Boot
 Volumeseriennummer: 1234-AAAA

 Verzeichnis von C:\tmp\playground_1.7.11

08.05.2014  13:24    <DIR>          .
08.05.2014  13:24    <DIR>          ..
08.05.2014  13:24                 3 example.sth
               1 Datei(en),              3 Bytes

not so nice, because the „Example.sth“ was overwritten by „example.sth“ as Windows is not able to hold two files with same name.
So better be aware of this problem while setting up your config-elements and conventions for handling them.