WLAN isn’t LAN: Performance-Measuring with NASPT

At home (and on my travels 😉 ) I’m using my great DS213j manufactured by Synology. 2 Disks, living in RAID1-harmony, serving my documents, pictures and videos, my SVN- and GIT-repos for tests and some other nice features. The NAS is connected to my router directly via LAN but my hosts connect via WLAN (g-standard) to the router in order to access the NAS. So just to proof my expectations I use the great NAS Performance Toolkit (at the date of writing: 1.7.1) that is provided by Intel corporation to get some detailed values for the performance-question.

After unzipping and installing it to Win8-workstation you need „msvcr71.dll“ from another source (just use Big G) copied into the root-dir. Starting „NASPerf.exe“ you will be informed, that the tool isn’t validated for Win6.2 (aka Win8) but just click ok and go on. First step is to connect to your NAS within Win-Explorer as a network-share to a fixed path-letter and create an empty test-directory. Let’s say P:\performance-test. This directory is the place where all the action is done by the tool (copy, create, delete, move, …). Then you need to prepare all the application-tests. That will take a while, because the tool will create several directories and some big files in P:\performance-test. After preparation was finished, you simply have to click the big green run-button and go out for a walk. After run was complete, you have to go to your own-documents-directory (default) and watch for a file called „Documents\NASPT_Tests\Synology\DS213j\\NASPerf-APP.log“

variant 1 : client –> (WLAN) –> router –> (LAN) –> ds213j
variant 2 : client –> (LAN) –> router –> (LAN) –> ds213j

Test-Feature variant 1 (Average Throughput MB/s) variant 2 (Average Throughput MB/s) Var 2 : Var 1
HDVideo_1Play 3.037 10.761 3.54
HDVideo_2Play 3.136 10.757 3.43
HDVideo_4Play 3.101 11.106 3.58
HDVideo_1Record 3.493 14.89 4.26
HDVideo_1Play_1Record 2.899 12.68 4.37
ContentCreation 0.423 1.798 4.25
OfficeProductivity 5.845 12.189 2.09
FileCopyToNAS 3.369 15.387 4.57
FileCopyFromNAS 3.16 10.754 3.40
DirectoryCopyToNAS 1.78 4.301 2.42
DirectoryCopyFromNAS 2.186 4.852 2.22

For more detailed information, you can use FS_Analyze.exe and import the log-xml-files that were created by the test-runner.

conclusion : better use wired-based LAN then wireless LAN for big operations like initial photo-import 😀